Native Alternate Expansion


Ramaraunt, alongside old Andzi, present: Native Alternate Expansion This mod is made in honor of Peasant the Unruley, a member of the Persistent World community who passed away in June, 2016. Welcome to Native Alternate Expasnion! We’re here to tell you about our modification that has been several months in the making. Using multiple OSP packs and personal touches, we have managed to create our version of a Warband Masterpiece. Andzi Proxy has managed to put his scene creation skills to good uses, creating amazing works of art for you to find in the game, as well as a few hidden surprises.


  • 5 Completely new factions with unique culture, weapons and clothing (more in later releases).
  • Shield bashing and kicking fully implemented for the player and NPCs.
  • New bandit types that roam across the map with custom diologues
  • Diplomacy integration with all of its bells and whistles.
  • A hunting system, where you can make money using your tracking skill.
  • New starting option where you can claim where you hail from, giving you special gear based on your choice.
  • The ability to join and fight under any lord in their army.

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