The Orpheus Project

1920x1080 logol

Travel to the land gaming forgot. A new Gothic experience for fans of the old games and newcomers alike. Presenting Orpheus. A mod with a dark and brooding atmosphere. It’s the size of the Dragonborn DLC. With 32 hand crafted quests voiced by professional voice actors from the Skyrim Voice Alliance, and 52 custom items built for the mod

Set in Valley of Mines after the first two Gothic games during the fall of the Myrthana, the great Hero who felled the Sleeper and changed the face of the world has died. In his absence, the land has been plunged into chaos. Civil war ravaged the lands leaving it weak and open to conquest. The despondant remnants of the paladins fight the rampaging horde of Orcs terrorising the realm while scavangers and beasts pick the bones of war clean. A new champion is required or at least a savvy soul who can see an oportunity for greatness. In the land of Nordmar you were captured by the Orcs. They drag you to the islands of Khornis to execute you but you manage to escape into the brutal Valley of Mines.

Immerse yourself in a dynamic story that stays true to the freedom and atmosphere of the previous Gothic games. The mod contains tweaks to standard Skyrim gameplay to better represent the development ideals of the mod. This is a mod for true RPG fans. There are multiple ways to solve a problem, not all of them the sort of thing a champion of the people would do in the light of day. Be good, be evil or just be a complete idiot. Any and all options are open to you, just like any good RPG. But beware of the consequences for your actions. In the words of a creator of disc shaped worlds “No one likes a smart arse” and the inhabitants of this brutal world don’t like a hero who can’t live with the results of his choices.

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